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The Ghana betting market for mobile applications is constantly expanding. One of its leaders is the Betway company. It offers the betters some of the best odds. But the best thing is its Betway app, which will change your idea of ​​gambling completely.

  • Almost all sporting events in one application.
  • Ability to watch live broadcasts without cable TV.
  • Mobile casino of the highest quality. Fair slots, free spins, scenarios and bonuses.
  • Poker room, where you can participate in tournaments and test your skill and luck.

And this is not a complete list of features provided in the Betway betting app. The main specialization of the company is still sports betting. Therefore, they offer the best odds in South Africa and try to ensure maximum audience coverage.

Today you can complete the Betway app download from the developer’s official website or via our link (and receiving the additional welcome bonus), and in a few minutes, you will appreciate all the advantages of mobile betting yourself.

After all, with the sports app, you will be able to bet at any time. Do it from home, bet on spreads of the odds on the way to work. Watch live streams late at night and win thanks to your analytic abilities. This is much better and more convenient than visiting the bookmaker offline office.

But if you like not only profitable odds at the bookmaker’s, but also that special atmosphere that can only be found in the office itself, Betway has several branches in each city of Ghana. They are equipped with terminals with a desktop version of the best bet application.

Moreover, in the offices, you can withdraw funds from your personal account, or resolve arbitration disputes between the company and bettors that arose in the Betway app.

You can register an account and start betting on the mobile site. You can launch it on any platform, even on an old push-button telephone. But if you have a more modern device, it is better to use a mobile application.

With this new development from the bookmaker, you can bet from anywhere in the world, support your favorite football team and watch broadcasts. And all this is concentrated in your smartphone.
Spoiler: for new users, we have a promotional code, with which you can increase the size of the welcome bonus up to 30%.

Betway app

Download the application and get a bonus

Opportunities you get after Betway app download

Many users wonder why they need the Betway app download when the bookmaker allows them to do all the basic transactions on the website.

Let’s see; the site is certainly not bad either. But most of us have Google chrome browser at home and not Opera mini, and no matter how hard the developers of gambling apps try to optimize their site, Chrome is very gluttonous and slows down even very powerful computers.

You can download the desktop version of the app for PC, enter the password and login of an existing account. And what if you do not have a powerful computer if it has no powerful i9 processor, if there is no 64 GB RAM?

In this case, you can use the Betway Ghana app on your smartphone.

It is much better optimized and will run on:

  • Devices on the operating system for Windows mobile phone;
  • Devices running on iOS 9.0 and higher, for older versions there is a special iOS app;
  • Devices running on Android 4.4 and higher;
  • Devices running on Windows 8.1 for arm processors;
  • Devices running on Windows 10 for arm processors;
  • And even on your Xbox one x, you can complete the sports app download in Ghana!

Speaking of Xbox one x. The company only recently introduced the Betway app download file for Win 10, and at the same time it turned out that the application is compatible with the Microsoft game console. Given the performance of this console, you can connect it to a TV-set, and watch broadcasts in 4K resolution live and without delays.

But why do you need to download Betway application? Let’s start with the fact that it is 4 in 1!

Mobile casino on your phone. Real Las Vegas, you just need to download Betway Android app without any simulations. There is no randomizer here, only a live dealer playing with you for real money. Would you like to try real black and red martingale on roulette without fear of being taken out of the casino? Welcome here. And there are also lotteries and even Wheel of Fortune!

But the Betway mobile app is famous not only for its mobile casino for Android and iOS. With the company, you can also try the slot room.

Betway app download

Imagine real pachinko, but for real money. Or everyone’s favorite fruit slots. The best slots with a plot from popular licensed manufacturers right in your smartphone. In order to try your luck in a game against one-armed bandits, you need to complete the mobile app download, because not all slots are available on the site. And most importantly, the company took care of fair play and checked the algorithm of each slot, so we guarantee that you will not be lied to here.

But what if we say that the Betway app also has the largest poker room. You no longer need to look for a partner to feel like a genius and beat a stupid American; you can do all this by simply downloading the app for PC and select the poker mode.

In the poker room, you have several options available:

  1. Play via matchmaking. In this case, you will be provided with opponents with the same statistics of victories/defeats.
  2. Play by region. Fight the best players in Ghana!
  3. Play only with representatives of a certain country.
  4. Participate in the world poker tournament.
  5. Watch the progress at other tables.

And of course, the best of the developments of Betway and their mobile application is the most convenient service for betting on sports! Find the Betway apk download latest version in Ghana and make sure of it yourself.

After installation, you can:

  1. Find out the score of almost any significant football match on the planet.
  2. Test yourself in virtual races, where the characteristics of horses are modeled on the basis of real horses and their statistics.
  3. Try yourself in esports analytics. Bet on the international league of Counter-strike: Global offense, or Dota 2. Don’t forget that soon Blizzard will release their Warcraft: Reforged, and there you can bet on the best Korean players.
  4. Watch broadcasts in the highest resolution that your device supports.
  5. Make spreads.
  6. Keep track of several events.

The last two points, by the way, are available only in the Betway app, due to the opportunity to independently configure push notifications. Now you can receive alerts on your phone in real-time when a score or the coefficient changes.

Older versions didn’t have this feature, so you can upgrade to the Betway apk download latest version in GH to appreciate this innovation yourself.

Betway app Ghana

Download the application and get a bonus

Where to find Betway app Ghana

We always tell you about the benefits of Betway application for your mobile device, but still, have not told where you can get it.

Windows users can find the Betway download file in the Metro Winstore. The app for Windows is compatible with all Metro-based devices, including the previously mentioned Xbox one x. If you are a hardcore fan of desktop, you can find the msi and exe files, and download them for PC by following our link.

iOS users can find the application in their Apple App Store. Just type in its name in the App Store’s search bar and install app.

In extreme cases, you can always go to the official sport mobile site of the gambling developer and complete the Betway app apk free download from there. All links are checked for viruses and guarantee complete safety and great performance of the application. In addition, the official Betway iOS app is available directly in the App Store.

Download the application and get a bonus

Step by step guide on how to complete Betway apk download latest version

But for Android users, everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. When you try to find the apk app download, you may run into problems — you just can’t find the installation file in the Play Market.

Alphabet Inc. struggles with any manifestation of betting around the world. And even though the laws of your region allow you to install such applications, Google will not let you to do this. In the app Play Store and Google play, you simply will not find this sports app.

You might think “So, is it impossible to complete the Betway download apk to my phone?”. We created a special simple instruction, with which you can complete download apk for application for your phone in literally 10 minutes in Ghana.

So, let’s begin the process of downloading and subsequent installation.

Step one: First, we need to disable your antivirus system in Android. It is very easy. Go to the Settings section, proceed to Applications. Find the antivirus there and disable it (but don’t delete it).
Step two: we will need the Betway apk free download file.

You find it in three places.

  1. On a third-party site. In this case, you risk of running into malware under the guise of old version apk. It will slow down the work of your smartphone, and it can also steal bank card information if it is tied to your account. Given that we previously disabled the antivirus, we would not recommend doing this.
  2. In the official mobile version of the developer’s website. In this case, you will surely get the latest and most secure version, which will definitely launch on your smartphone, but there is one caveat – you will be left without a welcome bonus.
  3. On the site following our download link. Our Betway apk is completely identical to the official one; in addition, we built in a promotional code into it to increase the welcome bonus for Android phones.

Betway apk download latest version

Note: if you are afraid to download Betway app in GH from unofficial sources, you can find Betway Android app on the official site and use our promo code, this is a slightly longer process, but the result will be the same.

After you have completed the Betway apk download process for your smartphone, proceed to the next step.

Step three: Free download and setup file manager Betway Android app. It’s not as scary as it might seem. We need a file manager or other software that can run any third-party apk file downloaded from sources unknown to the system without root rights. To do this, go to the Play market, and select the file manager from the top applications.

Step four: before we can finally install the new Betway mobile app, the final step is to overcome the internal protection of Android from installing third-party applications. To do this, we return to the Settings, go to System, find Developer there, and find the “Install applications from unknown sources” sub-item.

Almost ready.

Step five: run the installation of Betway apk through the file manager, and wait until apk updates and free downloads latest version for GH on your device.

Done — you can start using your Betway mobile application, but we would recommend taking a few extra steps:

  1. Uncheck “Install applications from unknown sources”.
  2. Remove the installation apk file of your Betway app for Android.
  3. Uninstall the file manager.
  4. Enable antivirus protection.

Thus, returning the system to its default state, you can not only enjoy betting but also stay completely safe.

Registration in Betway app for further betting

After you have completed the Betway apk download and installed it, there is a trifle left. Namely, you need to register your account correctly, and for this, we will conduct the app review.

When a user downloads Betway app, he gets to the main screen of the app login, and a little lower, he can find the registration form. It must be filled with utmost care.

If you make a mistake during registration, a typo, or register an application, not in your name, then when you try to withdraw the funds, the security service will initiate a check. In rare cases, it can refuse to withdraw your funds, or even block your account until the circumstances are clarified. All this can be solved, but why create unnecessary problems for yourself.

By the way, why is the security system of the Betway mobile app so strict? It’s only to create the ultimate level of security. After all, if you correctly enter all the data and turn on the multi-factor authentication after the Betway apk download is complete, then you’ll be able to protect your account from fraudsters. Even if someone steals your phone and learn the password, this person will not be able to withdraw funds from your betting balance.

Registration in Betway app

So, the registration form is mobile apk. There you need to specify the following data.

  1. Future login to enter Betway app. Try to make it memorable, so you don’t forget it later.
  2. Password. It must consist of Latin letters in both registers and contain at least eight characters. Yes, such a password will be difficult to enter via a touch screen, but in the future, you will be given up to five login attempts.
  3. Your real name.
  4. Gender.
  5. Age. Here you also need to be extremely careful, because if you indicate that you are not yet 18, then the old mobile Betway Ghana app will automatically switch to demo mode, and most of the functions related to bets will not be available to you. You will only have an opportunity to watch live broadcasts.
  6. Your city of residence.
  7. Preferred currency.
  8. Your passport details. Later, you will have to download a scan of your passport to confirm the entered data.
  9. Payment data. You can authorize them via Google pay or Apple pay.

And of course, the promo code for the first replenishment. You will receive it immediately after downloading the Betway apk installation file for Android and registering it in the application.

Betway app deposit

Download the application and get a bonus

Betway app: deposit and withdrawal of funds is easier than you think

After you have registered and tried out the sports app for Android, it’s time to move on to the most important – namely, sports betting and playing in a casino – but for this, you need to replenish your balance. Here you need to consider several nuances.

IMPORTANT: you can withdraw funds from a personal account in the Betway application only to the card with which you deposited the funds. The withdrawal schedule is up to 3 banking days, but usually, verification and payment are much faster.

You can replenish your balance with any means convenient for you. But we would recommend using a bank card. Because in this case, when requesting a withdrawal of funds, you will encounter a much smaller number of technical nuances than if you decide to replenish it via such systems as Paypal.

The users of Apple and users of Android phones, who have completed the Betway download of the app for their gadgets, can link their Google pay and Apple pay virtual payment cards. When using these payment methods for depositing, the withdrawal will be carried out according to a simplified algorithm, and the withdrawal time will be much shorter than when using a bank card.

You can order a withdrawal of funds in your personal account, after your Betway apk for Android was downloaded (you can use the APKpure market for downloading) — there you will immediately see all the fees and the terms for withdrawing of funds.

If you didn’t attach a passport scan to your account, your application would be delayed until your registration data is fully verified. The whole procedure can take up to 7 business days, so we recommend that you take care of this in advance and attach passport scans when registering an account.

If it’s inconvenient for you to do it via the Betway Ghana app, what was downloaded for free, you can use the website, since the account is synchronized on all your devices.

Betway bonus

Download the application and get a bonus

Betway app download gives you personal bonus!

Here we go — get our affiliate code for your Android app that was downloaded before, with which you can receive additional bonuses from the bookmaker and in the casino.

If you completed the Betway download using our links, then the promo code is already built-in into the first deposit. It works even if you got the app downloaded for PC.

In order for the bonus funds to turn into real euros in your account, you need to wager them. The rules for wagering for different platforms are slightly different.

If you only bet at the bookmaker’s, then it will be enough for you to wager the funds three times with a coefficient of at least 1.4. In this case, only the bonus amount will be credited to your account, but not the amount of winnings.

If you play slots, you need to wager the whole amount with a coefficient of x5 on the slots. In addition to the bonus, real funds will be credited to your account in the Betway app, but only if you hit the jackpot.

In poker rooms and casino, the bonus is converted to real funds with a minimum turnover of x5. At the same time, you can use both approaches and play with both bonuses and real money.

For example, you can insure betting by using bonuses. If you win, you will receive money to your real account. And in case of an unsuccessful bet, the funds will be debited from the bonus account.
Moreover, for users who completed the Betway download, the office regularly holds tournaments and other events, where you can also wager your bonus.

Play, learn, win, have fun, and earn!

Get a bonus of 144$

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