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The market of betting applications in Ghana is expanding rapidly. Just 5 years ago, in order to bet on sports, you had to visit a special office, it was inconvenient, uncomfortable and unprofitable. Today, the world’s largest bookmaker entered the market and provided Ghana players with the 1xBet apk.

The application is available for all modern platforms. It expands your capabilities, sinceit allows you to watch live broadcasts of sporting events taking place on the other side of the world. To start using all the features of mobile betting, you will need to first complete the 1xBet app free download.

This can be done by following our link in this article. In order to run the application from 1xBet, you need a smartphone running on Android or iOS operating systems.

In addition to the app, the bookmaker provides a convenient mobile site.

It is used for:

  1. View Livescores of key sporting events.
  2. Creating convenient accumulator bets and monitoring the lines that allow you to win more.
  3. 1xBet app download other versions.
  4. As a convenient online casino.

1xBet offers Ghana betters not only the opportunity to bet on sports, but also the widest range of slot machines. All software used by the company is verified for fair play. You can really win at local slots.

When using the 1xBet apk, the betters get additional opportunities to conveniently replenish their accounts. The company allows you to link Google Pay payment methods or the Apple Pay virtual card to the mobile application. This greatly simplifies the process of depositing the funds, allows you to receive additional bonuses, and speeds up the verification of your data when withdrawing funds in the mobile application.

All arbitration disputes between the bookmaker and the better are easily resolved with the help of the support service, which can be accessed both via the site and directly in the app’s chat.

Bet from home, bet on the road, bet in the office, bet even when you sleep. Thanks to the modern system of push notification available in the apk, this will not be a problem for you.

Spoiler: We specifically tried to please our readers and found a personal bonus in the form of a promotional code with which you can get an increased welcome bonus after you complete 1xBet app download— not 110 $, but 144 $. Read the article carefully, and inside you will see the very coveted promotional code with which your chances of winning will increase by a third!

But first things first. And our first question is “If the 1xBet apk latest version is so cool, where can I get it?”

1xBet app download

Download the application and get a bonus

Where to find the 1xBet app download files?

To date, in order to place a bet at the 1xBet bookmaker, you don’t need to worry about how to get to the site or where to find the application. The 1xBet app download feature is available for almost all modern platforms.

For the desktop version of the application, there are several options for downloading and running.
First of all, this is a 1xBet mobile app for Windows 10. It can be run on your personal computer, laptop and tablet.

Secondly, third-party versions for the Linux operating systems (for more details, see Linux application stores).

And of course, don’t forget about the two versions of the site. The standard adaptive and mobile version of the official site. As a last resort, you can always launch the application using the emulator of Android operating system, Bluestacks.

Smartphone and tablet users are more lucky. They can complete the app download for almost any operating system. Today there are applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows mobile, etc.

All mobile apps are presented on the official website of the company. As a last resort, you can search them in your Apple App Store, or a similar application store for other platforms.

1xBet Android app

Special features of 1xBet Android app installation

Due to the nature of the policy of the Alphabet Inc., the users of 1xBet Android app have encountered extra difficulties downloading and installing the application.

What is the problem for Android users? It lies in the fact that no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to find the 1xBet apk latest version in Google Play Market.

But this is not a reason to despair, because our editors tried their best and created an extremely simple guide, with which everyone can install the app on their smartphone, so that literally 10-15 minutes after reading this article, you will be able to enjoy mobile betting, casino, poker and slots in the application from the world-famous bookmaker.

So the installation instructions for the 1xBet app Android are the following:

Step one: First, we’ll have to disable your anti-virus protection. The thing is that most antiviruses have protection from third-party APK files. It means they just won’t let you complete the download application. You can disable antivirus in the “Settings” – “Applications”. Find your antivirus there, and turn it off.

The next step is to find the correct 1xBet apk file. The application can be found in three places.

  1. You can take the risk to download and install the mobile app from a third-party site. We would not recommend doing this because you have already disabled the antivirus, which means you run the risk of running into malware that will steal the data of your payment cards and reset your bank account.
  2. Try the apk download for Android from the official website of the developer. In this case, everything is somewhat simpler, because you stay completely safe, but there are a number of questions. For example, you will not receive a welcome bonus after the 1xBet app download, which makes life easier for betting at the stage of discovering the application interface.
  3. You can also download apk file from our site. In this case, you will receive not only the completely safe version of the 1xBet Android app for your mobile, but you can also enjoy the bonus increased to 144 $, with which your chances of winning will increase exponentially.

So, we downloaded the mobile app’s last version on our smartphones, and there are only a few steps left before you can start betting.

The next step is to search for a suitable browser that will allow you to run third-party apk files, including our 1xBet apk. If you have a modern phone with Android version from 7 and higher, then this will not be a problem for you. But if your old phone has Android 4.4, then you have to pull yourself up, and still go to your play market. Here it’s easy to download the app for Android, which works without root rights, and install it on your phone.

Now let’s move on to the most difficult part – Android system is perfectly protected from viruses, so we will have to slightly weaken this protection before installing the app for OS Android. To do this, we return to the Settings, find the “System” subsection there, look for the “Developer,” then find “Install applications from third-party sources” and check the box.

Almost ready. Now, using our file manager, we launch the presented 1xBet apk file— voila! Wait for the application to find the new version and download it. After the update, you can start betting.

Oh yes, we completely forgot – at the final stage, we’d recommend returning your system to its default state, namely:

  1. Go to Settings and prohibit installing applications from third-party sources.
  2. Delete the file manager.
  3. Delete the installation file for the 1xBet Android app.
  4. Enable antivirus.

Now you can finally start betting at one of the top bookmaker offices.

1xBet app on iOS

How to download 1xBet app on iOS devices

But Apple users will have far less troubles installing the 1xBet iOS app on their device. After all, they have no problems with the laws or policies of Apple. Do you know what that means? That instruction on the installation can be reduced to five steps.

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Type in the name of the software.
  3. Download.
  4. Install.
  5. Ready.

As an alternative, we can offer our link with an already integrated promotional code, thanks to which you will receive 144 $ to your account.

Interesting fact: Apple devices users have priority support in issues related to depositing and withdrawing of funds. Moreover, they do not need additional verification, which allows them to use their Apple Pay both for depositing and withdrawing of funds to a virtual card.

Download 1xBet iOS app and install it, while we move on to the next platform.

1xBet app Windows phone

1xBet app Windows phone – alternative to the mobile website

Everything is somewhat more interesting with windows devices. On the one hand, the 1xBet mobile app can be downloaded from the store for tablets and smartphones, or even on your home computer.

On the other hand, there is a separate loader for PC in the form of Msi and Exe installer, which performs all the same functions. It’s up to you which of them to use.

We recommend the following. If you have an Arm-based device, then it’s better to use the metro store and download 1xBet app for Windows devices, or use our link to download the application from the store and use it. By the way, we can give the same advice to users of the Xbox one x console.

Yes, since the application is compatible with any Windows phone directives, it can also be launched on your console.

How can this come in handy? It’s simple, you can watch 4k and 8k broadcasts on the screen of a huge TV directly from the console, and several processor cores will allow you to play in a casino at the same time or use the native 1xBet app for making bets. There is only one detail – it is not very convenient to bet with it.

1xBet mobile app

Download the application and get a bonus

Why using 1xBet mobile app?

Why do you need the 1xBet apk in the first place? Indeed, for many people, visiting a bookmaker is associated with a certain atmosphere and romance. We will answer this question very simply. 1xBet app latest version gives access to a brand new opportunities.

First of all, they include:

  1. The bookmaker that broadcasts almost all significant sporting events and allows you to bet on sports from anywhere in the world.
  2. Slot section, which has slots from all the world famous developers. Only fair play math, only real winnings.
  3. Full-fledged casino with live dealers for real money. Play roulette if you want, or choose blackjack.
  4. Poker room in the 1xBet iOS app, where you can play in the amateur league. Play with friends from your hometown, compete against the best European players, or Americans who don’t know how to play, but like to bet more.
  5. Аpplications in one app open up brand new opportunities to you. Add here a convenient system of push notifications, which reports on any significant events in the application, whether it is a change in the coefficients (for spreads’ fans), or the start of a broadcast in 4k.

If you consider the 1xBet mobile app as exclusively a betting application, you receive really cool opportunities:

  1. Bet on pretty exotic sporting events, whether it’s Beijing volleyball or Australian Surf Championship.
  2. Bet on esports. Do you consider yourself an expert on Dota2, or love League of Legends? Here you can make money on them.
  3. Opportunities to monitor several matches at once. You can start live mobile broadcasts for all of them, and switch them in one move, following the change in the situation on the field, or changing of the coefficients and betting on convenient spreads.
  4. Watch broadcasts in any resolution in the 1xBet iOS app, from 160p to 4k and higher.

And all this is combined with the best odds. Since 1xBet is a sponsor of many sporting events around the world, it can even assign a sponsor odds for a football match to attract more attention; thanks to it, your chances of winning will be several times higher than in any other application, or at any other bookmaker.

Slots in the Mobile casino

The first thing everyone forgets to mention is that recently 1xBet is not only a bookmaker, but also a very good casino, which is already included in the 1xBet apk latest version.

The company signed contracts and acquired licenses to distribute popular scenario slots. And this means that in the latest version of 1xBet app you can not only enjoy the game itself and win, but also learn a lot in the scenario slots in the mobile casino.

All slots were carefully verified and checked, and almost daily they give away small jackpots to players. This means you have a real chance to win, because the 1xBet casino doesn’t lie to its customers.

Moreover, the 1xBet mobile app regularly gives free spins when it launches new slots, there are increased odds for winning, and everyone can try them.

1xBet Mobile casino

Download the application and get a bonus

Last but not least: Mobile Vegas

Rarely does anyone manage to go to real Las Vegas. After all, it costs a lot of money. And you won’t visit all the casinos at once. In addition, the Strip is always packed with tourists, and they simply won’t let you play for fun. And cunning fraudsters are waiting to rob you blind.

If you decide to complete the 1xBet app download and replenish your account for a large amount, then you have a chance to feel the taste of real mobile Vegas without risking of running into scammers. All the coolest opportunities to earn money from a real casino are now available in your smartphone.

Place really big bets, win really big money. And of course, the professional gamblers should note that here the roulette is not twisted, and you cannot be kicked out of the table, which means you can always try the Martingale strategy to increase your own income. There is no threshold for the minimum and maximum bets – win as much as you want in the 1xBet mobile app!

And of course, mobile bingo is separate from everything else – yes, the same lottery that our fathers played. As it turned out, there was a special demand for such entertainment, so 1xBet created this in its mobile Vegas app.

Download the application and get a bonus

Try your luck in Mobile poker

Don’t forget about poker rooms. As the latest examples showed, poker’s popularity is revived in its digital version. It is impossible to read the faces and understand whether the opponent is bluffing or not. But this does not mean that your chances of winning will be lower. After all, you can play with players from all over the world.

The mobile poker match-making is arranged in such a way that, if you wish, you will only play with those players whose defeat statistics are the same as yours. And if you don’t want to, just sit down at the nearest free virtual poker table and play.

There are several poker editions to choose from in the 1xBet mobile app, even the famous Texas Hold’em. In general, everything is done carefully, and so that you can choose who to play with yourself, as well as when to play, and how much to bet!

1xBet mobile registration bonus

Win more with 1xBet mobile registration bonus

The main goal of the bookmaker is the comfort of the players and favorable conditions. Therefore, its employees regularly develop attractive offers for new and old users.

We did our best and especially for you we got a special bonus. Increased by 30 $. That means that instead of a welcome 110 $ for a deposit, you will receive as much as 144 $. Complete the 1xBet app download using our link to receive it.

In order to receive this bonus, you need to enter our promotional code during the first replenishment and replenish at least 110 $.

The rules for wagering the welcome bonus are extremely simple. Depending on what you specialize in, they will differ.

For the bookmaker: you need to wager the bonus x3 with coefficients no lower than 1.4.

For poker rooms: you need to wager the bonus x5 of the recharge amount.

For fans of slots and casino: the wagering coefficient will be x5, but if you use risk management strategies, or play slots a lot, you know that transferring the bonus funds to real casino is much easier than it might seem at first glance.

1xBet app download

Download the application and get a bonus

1xBet app download: main system requirements

Today, it might seem that in order to try the betting from 1xBet, you need to be the owner of only the top Samsung phone, or the latest iPhone.

But in fact today everyone can try betting, mobile casinos and slots from all well-known manufacturers. After all, the system requirements for the 1xBet mobile app are quite modest.

It will easily work on:

  • mobile device running on Android 4.4 in devices released after 2012;
  • any mobile app for iOS devices 9.0 or higher. But at the same time, don’t forget that even the outdated iPhone 4 can be easily updated to the latest version of the operating system;
  • devices running on Windows mobile phone – yes, they still exist;
  • devices running on Windows 10 for arm processors. If you want, you can even launch them on your Xbox 360 with access to the Windows Store.

Well, if for some reason you didn’t have any of these devices, then this is not a reason to despair. Guess why? Yes, everything is simple — you can always free 1xBet app download and install the emulator of any operating system, and use the mobile application there.

As a last resort, there is always a mobile site that runs on Blackberry OS, Symbian OS, and even Ubuntu mobile.

Note: some users even develop their own versions of the 1xBet Android app for third-party operating systems, but we would not recommend using them for the reason that they may contain viruses. In addition, you don’t know what protocols a third-party application will use, and this can lead to the suspension of your account. Use only verified applications from the developer, which you can get on our website. We also remind you that in addition to the application itself, we also offer a promotional code, which allows you to get extra 30 $ as a welcome bonus.

Download the application and get a bonus

Mobile payment methods in 1xBet app

You specify the payment data for your 1xBet application during the registration. For users of Android (1xBet apk) and IOS operating systems, it’s somewhat easier, because they can connect their Google Pay and Apple Pay on iPhone for deposit.

The main thing is to remember about the rule. Withdrawals can only be made to the same card with which the replenishment was made. At the same time, the application doesn’t remember all your cards, but only the last source of replenishment.

In addition, in the event of a frequent change of IP addresses, or if you often change payment methods, the security service may request your passport data in the form of a photograph, or a selfie with the passport (and so that the current date is clearly visible) and then unlocks the withdrawal option.

Mobile payment and withdrawal of funds via your phone is extremely simple.

  1. Go to the 1xBet mobile app for users from Ghana.
  2. Log in using the previously received login and password.
  3. Click on the three stripes in the corner of the screen.
  4. Go to your personal account.
  5. Click the deposit / withdrawal of funds.
  6. Choose the method of payment.
  7. Indicate the amount.
  8. If necessary, specify the promotional code.

Our bookmaker guarantees you a pleasant pastime. To make a bet or forecast, you do not need to sit at home at the computer. It is enough to 1xBet app download or use mobile version site on the select and enjoy your favorite hobby.

Just don’t forget to take into account our recommendations, and you will have no problems with either depositing and withdrawal of funds in the 1xBet mobile app.

Get a bonus of 144$

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